The International Criminal Court’s Internship

The International Criminal Court’s Internship and Visiting Professional Programme offers exciting opportunities for university graduates and professionals from States Parties and non-States Parties.


The programme is designed as an effective tool for the Court to contribute to the progress of the international criminal justice system established by the Rome Statute. In particular, the programme will underpin the Court’s implementation of one of the core principles enshrined in the Rome Statute: complementarity. It will also promote public awareness, provide support for the work of the Court and increase its universality. The programme will give participants the opportunity to work in the Court’s stimulating multicultural environment on projects related to their expertise and interests. In particular, the programme will enable them to develop a deeper understanding of how the Court operates and the challenges it faces. Visiting professionals will be able to strengthen their expertise at a national or international level with unrivalled experience in the implementation of international criminal justice offered by the Court’s unique environment. In return, the Court is looking for individuals with intellectual rigour, insight into national practice, relevant experience, attention to detail, commitment, honesty, integrity, motivation, creativity and team spirit.


Interns and visiting professionals are required to work full time for a period between 3 and 6 months.
The Court is looking for young candidates with an outstanding academic record from various countries around the world to serve as interns in the Court’s organs in order to gain professional experience.
Eligibility requirements:

■■ Candidates must have less than 3 years of relevant professional experience.

■■ Candidates should be enrolled in a graduate school programme or be enrolled in the final academic years of a first level university degree programme.

Visiting professional placements
The Court aims to attract applications from experienced professionals with expertise in relevant areas for placements in the Court’s organs in order to gain further experience in the field.
Eligibility requirements:

■■  Candidates must have at least 3 years of relevant professional experience,

■■  and at least a first level university degree.


The International Criminal Court is not able to provide all participants in the Internship and Visiting Professional Programme with remuneration, nor is it able to provide reimbursement for any expenses incurred during the internship. However, it may be possible to offer a limited number of candidates a stipend to cover living costs and travel. If funding is available, it should focus on candidates who meet the criteria (e.g. comes from States Parties and developing regions).
The Court also welcomes applications from prospective candidates who have secured the necessary funding to cover their stay at the Court.


The recruitment process for the programme runs throughout the year. Position openings and application deadlines depend on the needs of sections. All vacancies are posted online on and applicants are requested to apply using our online system. Email applications will not be accepted.


Consult the ICC website or contact Internship Visiting Professional Programme.

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