Crisis Management Center

Crisis Management Center (Slovak: Centrum krízového riadenia – CEKR) of the Matej Bel University in the city of Banská Bystrica (the Slovak Republic) was established at the Department of Security Studies of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations in 2009.

Crisis Management Center was recognized by the Department of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic as an Academic Center of Excellence in Crisis Management Research.

Crisis Management Center provides pro-active and re-active crisis management (constructive and live simulation). The main aim of Center´s research is to support scientific potential of the University, region and the Slovak Republic in the following areas: national and international security, crisis management and risk management. In general, research agenda of the Crisis Management Center can be defined as follows:

  • to increase the effectiveness of decision-making processes in crisis management using a simulation scenarios;
  • to search for optimal models and processes in crisis management in order to solve various types of crisis occurring in social and natural processes.

Research agenda of the Crisis Management Center is also influenced by cooperation with industrial partners, which includes ATOS IT Solutions and Services, ALISON or LYNX, and Slovak government and non-government agencies, which includes for example the Department of State of the Slovak Republic or Slovak Atlantic Commission.